The Poe Club

For residents of The State, The Poe Club offers an open gaming experience, suitable for networking, matchmaking and setting up team play through our voice channels. It also hosts channels server standards, such as general chat and troubleshooting hardware and software issues.

1. Do not post solicitations; They aren't permitted anywhere within The State
2. Do not troll
3. Win or lose, be a good sport
4. When possible, help others improve their gameplay (and experience)
5. Trash talk is fine, but steer clear of race, religion, age, sex and political views
6. Report offenses to Poe Club staff members via Discord DM or through email at

Naming Conventions and Nicknames:
State staff members reserve the right to change any nicknames that contain offensive language without warning and will ask anyone who joins the Discord server with an offensive nickname to change it during the initial voice discussion before issuing access to the community. Repeat offenders will be warned then kicked and/or banned.

Anyone coming in from another milsim group with a rank preceding his or her nickname will be asked to remove it. Rank prefixes in The State are reserved for members of The State Military.

The consequences are simple:

Depending on the severity and frequency of offences, residents may be warned, muted (for a variable period), kicked or even banned from The State. The governor is the final appeal and approves all kicks and bans. All kicks and bans will handled by the Office of the Governor. These may or may not be accompanied by an explanation and readmission at a later date is not guaranteed.

What The Poe Club Offers:

Something for everyone

The Poe Club is open to all, whether or not they are also part of The State's military or its ariline. Join the Discord our server (link in the footer) and a staff member will hop into a voice channel with you and provide a brief overview of our code of conduct and answer any questions you have. This is a required step in order to join our community, but only takes a couple minutes.

The Poe Club hosts "event nights" with rotating games that are open to everyone in the community. Click the Events link in the top navigation bar to see what's coming.

How it Works:

Public Channels are Always Open to Everyone

Gaming voice channels are always open to anyone. They are there to help facilitate coordinate gameplay. Several are titled according to games State residents tend to play frequently and these change periodically, but there are channels named "Any Game" as well which are wild cards.

Residents should feel free to hop into any channel at any time, including and especially when other residents are in them, but please wait a few seconds before speaking in case residents already in the channel are in the middle of intense and/or important game-related communication.

Anyone wishing to reserve a room or set of rooms for an event needs to make the request to the governor directly. This can be arranged.

Live Stream