The State Military

Feel free to take a self-guided tour.
If you're still a civilian, you can apply at the bottom.

Recruitment is closed but will re-open on Sat, Dec 11, 2021.

*24/7, Private, Dedicated Server (The State Military)

Our server is very good, but expensive. Donations aren't mandatory, but they are appreciated.

THE STATE MILITARY uses multiple aircraft types across multiple branches. We provide high-quality training, simulating real military aircraft operations and communications.

With the incorporation of role-based human ATC, FDC, GCI and JTAC/FAC-A operations, we are able to provide a great deal of flexibility for our military residents and bring the battlefield to life.

A custom website, missions, aircraft skins and deployment stat tracking help make The State Military an accessible, dynamic and sustainable experience.

The State Military is currently on Deployment

Deployment ends in 25 days. The State Military will then begin transitioning to Training.



VADM Grekko


The State Military Twitch Stream


Pre-Application Materials

1. Do not post solicitations; They aren't permitted anywhere within The State
2. Do not troll
3. Win or lose, be a good sport
4. When possible, help others improve their gameplay (and experience)
5. Trash talk is fine, but steer clear of race, religion, age, sex and political views
6. Report offenses to Poe Club staff members via Discord DM or through email at

Naming Conventions and Nicknames:
State staff members reserve the right to change any nicknames that contain offensive language without warning and will ask anyone who joins the Discord server with an offensive nickname to change it during the initial voice discussion before issuing access to the community. Repeat offenders will be warned then kicked and/or banned.

Anyone coming in from another milsim group with a rank preceding his or her nickname will be asked to remove it. Rank prefixes in The State are reserved for members of The State Military.

The consequences are simple:

Depending on the severity and frequency of offences, residents may be warned, muted (for a variable period), kicked or even banned from The State. The governor is the final appeal and approves all kicks and bans. All kicks and bans will handled by the Office of the Governor. These may or may not be accompanied by an explanation and readmission at a later date is not guaranteed.

The State Military has some non-negotiables that you should consider before submitting an application. These are the most important:

    The State Military Standards:

      The State Military is an East Coast, United States-based milsim community, using 24-hour format, East Coast time. Though this window doesn't encompass all The State Military's ops, pilots must be able to fly between 1800 and 2200 US/Eastern reasonably often.

      The State Military speaks English and will require the same from its residents. It is the only language all our pilots can speak.

      The State Military requires all its pilots to be at least 18 years old by the start of training.

    Tracked Participation Requirements:

      The State Military requires two, in-server flights from each pilot in each, tracked three-week period. Our reserve pilots must make one flight in the same timeframe.

      The State Military requires all pilots to maintain proficiency in their aircraft through tracked pilot qualification standards (PQS). These may be satisfied off-server, but will need to be reported and approved via a submitted tacview track.

    Software Requirements:

      The State Military requires pilots to own the follow maps: NTTR (Nevada), Persian Gulf, Syria.

      The State Military requires pilots to have SRS (Simple Radio System) installed and operational, but we can help you get that taken care of if it's not done already.

      The State Military requires Navy pilots to own the Super Carrier module.

    Hardware Requirements:

      The State Military requires pilots to own some form of head tracking. At a minimum, this would be TrackIR or a tested and functional home-built version. VR is obviously perfectly fine.

      The State Military requires pilots to own some form of HOTAS (stick and throttle). Adjusting flight surfaces or throttle with the keyboard is not permitted.

    Preferred Skills and Experience:

      The State Military prefers pilots who have moderate experience flying in multiplayer environments, including public servers.

      The State Military prefers Navy/Marine pilots who can successfully land on their respective carriers.

Rrecruitment is currently closed.