"Fear the Bones"


In October 1995, VF-103 requested to do away with their "Slugger" moniker and adopt the Jolly Rogers name and insignia that had been previously used by VF-84. Also in 1995, VF-103 conducted the fleet feasibility testing of the U.S. Air Force's LANTIRN targeting pod in a rapid prototyping initiative that led to adoption of the LANTIRN for the Tomcat community.

When they deployed with USS Enterprise in the summer of 1996, VF-103 became the first Tomcat squadron to introduce the LANTIRN targeting pod to operational service. The LANTIRN radically improved the F-14's strike capabilities by providing an autonomous precision strike capability. In 1997 VF-103 transferred from USS Enterprise to USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, and set sail to former Yugoslavia in June 1998 in support of NATO operations in Kosovo. In November, the carrier moved to the Persian Gulf in response to aggressive Iraqi posturing.

In June 2002, VF-103 and its carrier USS George Washington deployed to the North Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf and participated in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Southern Watch. VF-103 supported Coalition forces in Afghanistan flying Close Air Support, Forward Air Controller and TARPS missions.

AA100 - CDR Nemo

AA104 - LTJG Huggie

AA111 - LT Modem

AA113 - LTJG Jar Jar

VF-103 Gallery

Squadron Logbook Totals (Past 30 Days)

Total Time (Rounded) Night Time (Rounded) Airfield/FARP Landings Carrier Traps Bolters
9 3 1 4 0

Greenie Board

Top GPA in VF-103: CDR Nemo
Pilot GPA RR Grades
Nemo 2.7 75.0%
Huggie 2.5 70.0%
Modem 1.4 69.2%
Jar Jar 1.3 54.5%
Grade Key C    (OK)    OK    —    _Ok_    OWO    WOFD    WOP    WO    B   
VF-103 Stats GPA: 2.0   |   Recovery Rate: 68.0%
Wing Staff and Higher
(Grades do not count toward squadron GPA or recovery rate)
Grekko 3.1 92.3%
Bowser 2.3 87.5%
Eeyore 2.8 100.0%


Primary Callsign:


Secondary Callsign:


Primary Frequency:

Guard - 243.0

Secondary Frequency:

Guard - 243.0

TACAN Range:


Laser Code Range: